The Victorious Christian. Philippians 3:1-11

February 11th, 2019

Hinckley Evangelical Free Church

February10, 2019 

Sermon Series:  Philippians

The Victorious Christian

Philippians 3:1-11



Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord!

       (literally: “K______ on rejoicing”!)

In the midst of… and in spite of …Any and all conditions

“Beware” or “watch out” comes from the Greek verb meaning “to see” and carries the idea of a warning to “Look out” with a view to avoiding!

So just what are they to be avoiding?

“E_____ W_____________”

We can evaluate everything we do with one simple question….  “_____________________________________________?”

What Legalism does:

It pits Faith against ________

Law against ________


Legalism attacks the most committed Christians

D_____________ our relationship with God

Reinforces and builds on I___________

Heaps contempt on God

Leads the c________ to take the Bible away from their people


Signs of legalism in a church:


Judgmental picking


Inter-personal d___________

Phony, external righteousness

Underlying  depression


Signs of grace in a church:


Desire to help


Inter-personal c_________

Real righteousness

Release, freedom, and thanksgiving.


How to recognize true believers:

  • They W__________ God in Spirit
  • They r____________in Christ Jesus
  • They have no c_____________ in the flesh


Evidences that I am “In Christ”

  1. I will K_____________ Him!
  2. I will be experiencing the Power of the R__________!
  3. I will become l____ Him in His d______!

Principle #1:

                   R________________ in the Lord! Vs 1

Principle #2:

                   beware of S__________________! Vs 2-6

Principle #3:

Place the proper e_________ on the person of Christ. Vs 7-11

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