The True Vine (John 15:1-17)

January 12th, 2016

The Gospel of John: The True Vine
John 15:1-17
The True Vine (v. 1-6)
• Jesus uses an agricultural analogy to describe His relationships both with His Father and His disciples
– Another “I Am” statement
• He is the vine which His disciples must stay connected to in order to bear fruit
– To bear fruit = To live a life of obedience to God
• Only possible through a growing connection to Jesus
• Apart from Jesus, we can do nothing! (v. 5)
• His Father is the Gradener
– Pruning away the branches that are fruitless
• Those which are not drawing from the Vine
• Not a reference to losing salvation
• Possibly a reference to fruitless Israel
• Possibly a reference to false ‘disciples' like Judas
• Being near the Vine is not the same as being connected to it

Abiding in the Vine (v. 7-11)
• Abide: To live in, be intricately connected to
– To be defined by our love relationship with Jesus
• When we find our life in Christ, we can ask for what we desire
– Because He will be aligning our desires with His
– God is glorified because the fruit we bear is His fruit in us
• The end result of which is our joy as well

Greater Love (v. 12-17)
• Jesus repeats His new commandment (13:34)
• The greatest act of love is to ‘lay down one’s life for his friends’ (v. 13)
– An allusion back to Peter’s claim (13:37-38)
• Jesus calls His disciples ‘friends’
– Defined by:
• Those who obey Him (v. 14)
• Those who are involved in His mission (v. 15)
• Those who are called by Him (v. 16)
• And thus bear fruit through Him
• The primary fruit that we are to bear is love for one another (v. 17)

So What?
• Are we connected to the True Vine; drawing life from Him; being obedient to Him; bearing the fruit of love for one another?
Meditation Verse: John 15:5
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