The Gospel of John: The work of the Spirit (John 16: 4b-15

January 25th, 2016

The Gospel of John: The Work of the Spirit

John 16:4b-15

The Need to Leave (v. 4b-7)

      Jesus’ comforting statements concerning persecution in 15:17-16:4b were not previously needed because of His presence with the disciples

      But now Jesus is preparing them for His imminent departure

     Over which they are grieved (v. 6)

      His leaving will be to his disciples advantage

     Because the Spirit will not come until after Jesus has left

     See Isa. 11:1–10; 32:14–18; 42:1–4; 44:1–5; Ezk. 11:17–20; 36:24–27; 37:1–14; Joel 2:28–32


The Convicter (v. 8-11)

      The Spirit comes to convict the world of:

     Sin: which is based in unbelief in Jesus

     Righteousness: Exposing the inadequacy of its own actions

     Judgment: Showing God’s truth concerning all things

     In contrast to the lies of the ‘prince of this world’ (Satan)

     All of which Jesus did while on earth and the Spirit will continue in His absence


The Teacher (v. 12-15)

      The Spirit will make clear to the disciples all that Jesus has taught

      He is our ultimate teacher and revealer of Christ


So What?

      With Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension the kingdom of God has come

      The Holy Spirit empowers us to live out that kingdom life now

      And continues the ministry of Jesus through us

      Are we letting Him work through us?


Meditation Verse: John 16:7

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