The Gospel of John: The Denial

February 29th, 2016

The Gospel of John: The Denial

John 18:12-27

Annas & Caiaphas (v. 12-14)

      Jesus is led to Annas, who was not the high priest at the time

     His son-in-law Caiaphas was

     Along with several of his sons before that

      But had been from AD 6 to 15, and still held a lot of power

      The Roman governor appointed the high priest

     Though Scripture mandated that it be a life-long position (Num. 35:25, 28, 32; Josh. 20:6)


The First Denial (v. 15-18)

      Peter and another disciple follow Jesus from a distance

     The other disciple = probably John

      Possibly a distant relative to the high priest or socially connected

      Procures access to the high priest’s court

      When Peter is questioned by the servant girl, he denies being Jesus’ disciple


The First Trial (v. 19-24)

      When the high priest questions Jesus, it is at night

     Thus considered illegal

      Unlike Jesus who does His work in the open (v. 20)

      Perhaps one reason why Jesus does not testify about Himself is to shed light on the injustice

     He calls on the high priest to produce witnesses

      Which was required by the Law (Num 35:30; Deut. 17:6; 19:15)

      Jesus also points out the soldier’s response is illegal

     Not based on wrongs committed or witnesses

      Thus, those who claim to obey the Law:

     Fail to keep it

     Fail to understand that the Law points to Jesus the Messiah


The Final Denials (v. 25-27)

      Peter again is questioned about being Jesus’ disciple

     And twice more denies Him

     After which a rooster crows, thus fulfilling Jesus’ words (13:38)

      But this is not the end of Peter’s story in John’s Gospel (21:15-23)


So What?

      Jesus’ trials are a reminder that His death was unjust. And yet by it He brought about eternal justice; His death paying the price that our sins deserve. Thus sin is not unpunished, but rather is paid for by Jesus’ unjust death

      Even when we deny Him, there is hope, for Christ’s desire is to forgive and restore us.

Meditation Verse: 1 Peter 3:18

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