Putting Christ First: Thanksgiving & Prayer Colossians 1:2b-8

January 18th, 2017

Putting Christ First: Thanksgiving & Prayer

Colossians 1:2b-12

Paul Gives Thanks (v. 2b-8)

  • Paul starts with a standard greeting (v. 2b)

    • Grace: Greek greeting
    • Peace: Hebrew greeting
  • Paul thanks God for the Church’s:
    • Faith in Jesus (v. 4)

      • “Faith that has Jesus Christ as its ultimate reference point” –Douglas Moo
    • Love for God’s people (v. 4, 8)
      • Based in the hope we have in God’s work in eternity (v. 4)
      • And the Spirit at work in us now (v. 8)
    • This message of hope is presented in the Gospel
      • The truth about Jesus
      • Which was brought to the Colossians by Epaphras


Paul’s Prayer (v. 9-12)

  • He prays for the Church to have:

    • Knowledge of God’s will

      • So that we may live in a way that pleases God

        • Doing good
        • Growing to know* Him better
          • About a relationship
        • Growing to rely on His strength more
          • So that we may endure hardships with patience
        • Being thankful
          • Because of our understanding of what God has done and is doing for us through Christ

            • We are now heirs with Christ
            • Part of God’s family!


So What?

  • Is our life defined by the truth of the Gospel?
  • Are we living in a way that pleases God?
    • Not through our strength
    • But through a growing relationship with Jesus

Meditation Verse: Colossians 1:10

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