Letters to the Church: Thyatira, Revelation 2:18-29

October 3rd, 2016

Letters to the Church: Thyatira

Revelation 2:18-29

Thyatira (v. 18a)

·         Located on a vast plain

o   The modern city of Akhisar

·         Ancient defensive city for the kingdom of Pergamum

·         Known for their trade guilds

o   Lydia (Acts 16:14, 40)

o   Including their metal working


A Vision of Jesus (v. 18b)

·         Jesus is described as being the Son of God

o   Having eyes of fire: All-knowing

o   Feet of burnished bronze: Symbol of strength

·         Daniel’s Ancient of Days (Dan. 10:6)


“I know…” (v. 19)

·         Jesus commends the church for their:

o   Love

o   Faith

o   Service

o   Endurance

o   Maturity: They had not become stagnant (2:4-5)

o   But were growing in their relationship to Christ


“But I have this against you…” (v. 20-23)

·         Thyatira’s sin was tolerance of false teaching and immorality

o   Much like Pergamum

·         This came via a false prophetess called ‘Jezebel

o   May be an allusion to Ahab’s wife who encourage idol worship and led Israel astray

·         This represents the dangers of assimilating to the culture around us

·         Jesus claims that judgment will come upon her and those who follow her

o   Though He desires repentance (v. 21 & 22b)

o   The result of such judgment is to act as an example to the Church (v. 23)


“But to the rest…” (v. 24-25)

·         Jesus gives comfort to the faithful

o   Who have not fallen under such false teaching

§  “Deep things of Satan”: Probably a reference to Jezebel’s teaching and/or Gnostic heresy

·         He encourages them to continue doing the good work in which they have been growing


The Call to Conquer (v. 26-29)

·         To those that persevere in their faith in Christ, Jesus offers:

o   The authority to rule* with Him (see Ps 2:9; Isa 30:14; and Jer. 19:11; see also Mark 25:21; Rev. 20)

§  Sharing in Jesus’ authority from the Father

§  Rule: To shepherd or pastor

o   The Morning Star: Jesus Himself (22:16)


So What?

·         Are we assimilating to our culture?

o   Going along with idolatry and immorality of the world around us

o   Or are we acting as lights in the darkness?

·         Are we letting Jesus prepare us to shepherd like He does?

·         Do we live like Jesus Himself is our great reward?


Meditation Verse: Revelation 2:28

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