Letters to the Church Laodicea Rev 3:14-22

October 24th, 2016

Letters to the Church: Laodicea

Revelation 3:14-22

Laodicea (v. 14a)

·        Very wealthy city

o   Where travelers would exchange their money for higher quality currency

·        Suffered a major earthquake on AD 60

o   So wealthy that they refused aide from Rome to rebuild

·        Despite their wealth, the city had no good water source


A Vision of Jesus (v. 7b)

·        Jesus describes Himself as:

o   The ‘Amen’: The affirmation of God

o   Thus, He is the faithful and true witness to who God is

o   The beginning of God’s creation: Referring to him being the source & ruler of all of creation

§  Arche: beginning, source, or ruler (see John 1:1)


“I know…” (v. 15-17)

·        Jesus’ knowledge of the Laodiceans work leads to His rejection of it

·        The city piped in water from the Colossae & Hierapolis

o   Colossae had a cold spring of water that issued forth from the side of the nearby mountain which was the most refreshing water in the region

o   Hierapolis had hot mineral springs, which were used for healing purposes

o   By the time it got to Laodicea, it would be lukewarm, and mineral laden

§  Thus, nauseating

·        Like their water supply, the Laodicean church’s works were nauseating to Jesus

o   Thus, His declaration that He is about to spit them out

o   This is a declaration of the worthlessness of their work

§  Not that Jesus desires that His people be on fire for Him, or be apathetic toward Him!

·        And they think that they are rich spiritually

o   When they are really the poorest of the poor

·        Like their city’s self-sufficiency

o   The church had become prideful, boastful, and complacent


Jesus’ Offer (v. 18-20)

·        He counsels the church to invest in Him

o   To exchange their worthless works for something of real value

§  Like travelers would exchange their inferior currency for the better Laodicean kind

·        This call to exchange is to trade their self-sufficiency for reliance on Jesus’ own righteousness

o   Which will heal their shame and spiritual blindness

·        He reminds them that His discipline is an act of love

o   And calls them to repent and rekindle a zeal for God

·        This is not a call of first belief

o   But rather a call back to intimate fellowship with Jesus (Song 5:2)


The Call to Conquer (v. 21-22)

·        Jesus promises those who persevere in their faith:

o   That they can sit on His throne with Him

§  Sharing in His rule

§  For their work will be done


So What?

·        Are we lukewarm; complacent in our relationship with Jesus?

o   Or are we growing and investing in that relationship?

·        Are we relying on ourselves or on Jesus?


Meditation Verse: Revelation 3:18

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