Fostering Thankfulness: In the Wilderness: 107:1-9

October 30th, 2017

Fostering Thankfulness: In the Wilderness

Psalm 107:1-9

The Cry of the Redeemed (v. 1-3)

  • Psalm 107 begins the 5th book of the Psalter

    • The book of Psalms is divided into 5 smaller books
    • The last section focuses on praise
  • The call is to praise God if you have experienced His love
    • Redeemed: Brought out of some bad circumstance
  • The 4 corners of the earth allude to God’s work throughout the world
    • As well as His gathering of His people into His care


The Lord of the Lost (v. 4-7)

  • The psalmist describes those who wandered (v. 4)

    • This can be both literal & metaphorical

      • Without direction

        • Divorce, job loss, failure, sudden change
      • The result can be both physical & spiritual hunger & thirst (v. 5)
        • Looking to fill the void
      • Sometimes we are lost:
        • Because we have gone astray
        • Because we have become unfocused
        • Because of things beyond our control
        • Because we really have been going the wrong way for too long
      • The psalmist encourages us that help comes when we call out to God (v. 6)
        • He gives direction
        • He leads us home
      • This reflects the heart of Jesus (Luke 15:4-7)
        • Jesus rescues the lost

          • And leads them to repentance

            • Turning from their own wandering to follow Him
          • Jesus will meet us where we are
            • And lead us to where we need to be
            • Because He is Lord of the lost!
          • He not only provides a way for us
            • He is the way for us! (John 14:6)
          • He calls us to follow Him closely
            • Not always giving us the destination (Ps. 119:105)
            • Like Abraham
            • Like the Israelites & the pillar of fire & smoke


Thankfulness in the Wilderness (v. 8-9)

  • The psalmist calls us to be thankful because of what God has done

    • Delivering those who wander
  • And to have a vision of God’s provision for the future
    • Leading us to good places
    • Even if where we are now doesn’t seem so good


So What?

  • When we feel lost, do we turn to God for help?
  • Do we understand that sometimes being ‘lost’ means that He is really putting us onto the right path?
    • Learning to follow Him more closely


Meditation Verse: Ps. 107:6

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