Fostering Thankfulness: In Change & Injustice: Psalm 107:33-43

November 27th, 2017

Fostering Thankfulness: In Change & Injustice

Psalm 107:33-43


The Homeless Brought Home (v. 33-38)

  • The psalmist turns his attention to those who have been uprooted from their homes
  • The land has stop producing good things (v. 33-34)
    • Because of the evil deeds of some who live there

      • And everyone is affected
    • However, God’s plan for them is not simply upheaval
      • But rather to bring them to someplace better (v. 35-38)
    • We often fear change
      • Because we fear the unknown
      • But, we are called to trust God in the unknown
        • Because it is not unknown to Him


The Righter of Wrongs (v. 39-43)

  • The psalmist reflects on how those who have abused their authority will be humbled
  • And how those who have been humble will be raised up
  • This is a reflection of God’s justice
    • This is not always something that happens here and now (see Matt. 5:2-12)

      • We need to have a long-term view of God’s work in the world
      • “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Wisdom of Thankfulness (v. 43)

  • We must learn to trust Him even when our lives our in upheaval

    • Because though our lives change, our God is unchanging

      • He is our certainty in uncertain times
    • Because He uses these situations to change us
      • To helps us learn to trust Him better
      • To conform our character to that of Christ’s (Rom. 8:28-32)
    • In everything, God is for us
      • He uses hardships to mold us and refine us (Rom. 5:3-5)


So What?

  • Can we be thankful in the face of change and injustice?

    • Trusting God is working for the good to transform us & redeem the suffering


Meditation Verse: Psalm 107:43

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