Blessed are those who hunger and thirst….

March 19th, 2018

Matthew 5:6(ESV)

  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied (filled, completely satisfied).”


 March 18,2018


... we are not meant to hunger and thirst after ___________

... we are not meant to hunger and thirst after ____________

... If we want to be truly happy, and blessed we must hunger and thirst after_________________...


Just what is Righteousness??

it means a desire to be free from sin, because sin ____________  ___ from God. 

Therefore, it means a desire to be ______________with God...


.... it is that desire to be free from the___ _____________ to sin and for sin.


  To hunger and thirst after righteousness is nothing but the longing to be ___________ _______.


Just what does it mean to hunger and thirst...

It means a consciousness of our need to the point of ___________....

it speaks of something that keeps on until it is ______________.


The words that Jesus uses here are framed in the continuous ... the ones who ARE hungering... the ones who ARE thirsting...


What is the result of this? ….They shall be filled!!!!

it speaks of an ___________ satisfaction.  They have all that they want. 


So, how do I know if I’m really hungering and thirsting after righteousness?? 

  1. Are you ___________ with yourself?? Or do you feel a constant pain of always falling short???
  2. Does anything ____________ satisfy you? Do you find that things have a lot of influence on how you feel?
  3. Do you have an ____________ for the Word of God? If we do not spend time in God’s Word, we will never greatly desire to live for God.
  4. Are you digging the sin out of your life?? Sin short-circuits the ______________ line between God and us.
  5. How is your _________ _______?? The secret of a victorious walk is to keep in constant communication with the Commander.
  6. Finally, to be spiritually strong, we must spend time with the right kind of people... Heb 10:25 encourages us to forsake not the assembling of ourselves together....
  7. That includes sharing your _________....
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