The Gospel of John: The Denial

February 29th, 2016

The Gospel of John: The Denial

John 18:12-27

Annas & Caiaphas (v. 12-14)

      Jesus is led to Annas, who was not the high priest at the time

     His son-in-law Caiaphas was

     Along with several of his sons before that

      But had been from AD 6 to 15, and still held a lot of power

      The Roman governor appointed the high priest

     Though Scripture mandated that it be a life-long position (Num. 35:25, 28, 32; Josh. 20:6)


The First Denial (v. 15-18)

      Peter and another disciple follow Jesus from a distance

     The other disciple = probably John

      Possibly a distant relative to the high priest or socially connected

      Procures access to the high priest’s court

      When Peter is questioned by the servant girl, he denies being Jesus’ disciple


The First Trial (v. 19-24)

      When the high priest questions Jesus, it is at night

     Thus considered illegal

      Unlike Jesus who does His work in the open (v. 20)

      Perhaps one reason why Jesus does not testify about Himself is to shed light on the injustice

     He calls on the high priest to produce witnesses

      Which was required by the Law (Num 35:30; Deut. 17:6; 19:15)

      Jesus also points out the soldier’s response is illegal

     Not based on wrongs committed or witnesses

      Thus, those who claim to obey the Law:

     Fail to keep it

     Fail to understand that the Law points to Jesus the Messiah


The Final Denials (v. 25-27)

      Peter again is questioned about being Jesus’ disciple

     And twice more denies Him

     After which a rooster crows, thus fulfilling Jesus’ words (13:38)

      But this is not the end of Peter’s story in John’s Gospel (21:15-23)


So What?

      Jesus’ trials are a reminder that His death was unjust. And yet by it He brought about eternal justice; His death paying the price that our sins deserve. Thus sin is not unpunished, but rather is paid for by Jesus’ unjust death

      Even when we deny Him, there is hope, for Christ’s desire is to forgive and restore us.

Meditation Verse: 1 Peter 3:18

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The Gospel of John: The Arrest

February 22nd, 2016

The Gospel of John: The Arrest

John 18:1-11

The Betrayal (v. 1-3)

      John reports that the words which Jesus spoke were spoken while He and the disciples traveled to the Garden of Gethsemane

     The Greek shows that these events are happening simultaneously

      Judas brings a cohort of Roman soldiers to arrest Jesus in the garden

     Cohort = 200 to 600 men

      They are prepared for a violent confrontation

      Judas would have met in the garden with Jesus in the past

     A reminder of their close relationship


The Questioning (v. 4-9)

      Jesus is depicted as knowing what is about to happen (v. 4)

     And thus is in control of the situation

      Even beginning the questioning

      When Jesus identifies Himself, He uses a form of the divine name “I Am” (v. 5, 7)

     Thus the mob’s reaction (v. 6)

      He then surrenders, insisting that His disciples be released

     Thus showing His care for them

     And fulfilling earlier Jesus’ promise (17:12)


The Defiance (v. 10-11)

      Peter acts rashly, attacking one of the mob

     They are outnumbered at least 20 to 1

     Peter is obviously not adept with a sword

      Cutting off the man’s ear

      Which Jesus healed (cf. Luke 22:51)

      Shows Peter’s lack of understanding of Jesus’ mission (cf. Matt. 26:52-54)

     This was the will of His Father (v. 11; cf. Luke 22:42)

     He was not being captured

      He was giving Himself over to His enemies

      He is still in control


So What?

      Jesus went to the Cross willingly, to accomplish His Father’s will: our salvation.

      We must come to Jesus willingly, laying down our lives & our swords, surrendering to His will.


Meditation Verse: John 18:11

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The Gospel of John: The High Priestly Prayer part 2 (John 17:11b-26

February 16th, 2016

The Gospel of John: The High Priestly Prayer, part 2

John 17:11b-26

A Prayer of Protection (v. 11b–16)

      Jesus focus His intimate conversation with His Father on His concern for His disciples well-being once He is gone

      This includes their unity (v. 11b)

     Which is conditional upon their continued connection with the Father

      The time of Jesus’ direct protection is drawing to a close (v. 12-13)

     Because He is returning to His Father

      And they will have Jesus’ joy: Abiding in the Father’s love (15:11)

     All have been kept, except Judas

      But that was foretold (Ps. 41:10)

      The danger they face is:

     The world’s hatred

      Because they have accepted Jesus’ word

      And therefore are no longer of this world

     The evil one: the Devil

      Jesus’ prayer is not removal from danger

     But rather perseverance through it


A Prayer of Sanctification (v. 17–19)

      Jesus asks His Holy Father (v. 11b) to make His disciples holy, like Him

     Set apart from the world

      Which happens through their acceptance of and obedience to God’s word

      They are made holy to continue Jesus’ work in the world


A Prayer for All Believers (v. 21-26)

      Jesus prays for those who will believe because of the God’s ministry through these 11

     That is us and all other Christians

      His desire is for unity (v. 21)

     Among Christians

     And between us and God

     Both of which testifies to the world the truth of who Jesus is

      He asks that we reflect His glory

     As He is at work in us through the Spirit

     Loving like God loves

      He petitions that we may with Him

     Eternity in the presence of the glory of God


So What?

      Jesus’ desire for us is:

     To obey His word

     To be united with Him and each other

     To reflect His love and glory to the world

      That same world that hates us for doing so

     To live with Him eternally

      Are we living out these desires?


Meditation Verse: John 17:21

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