The Gospel of John: The Restoration of Peter

April 27th, 2016

The Gospel of John: The Restoration of Peter

John 21:15-22

Peter’s Restoration (v. 15-17)

      After their meal together on the shore, Jesus turns His attention to Peter

     The conversation takes place in front of the other 6 disciples

     This is meant to be a public display

      Jesus asks Peter whether his love for Him is greater than those gathered

      Jesus repeats His question 3 times

     Once for each time Peter denied Jesus (see 18:18; 21:9)

     Each with slightly different wording


       “Take care of His flock”

     Watch after the other disciples

     This is similar language that is used by Peter and others elsewhere to describe the role of pastors and elders (see Acts 20:28; 1 Pet. 4:1–4)


Peter & John (v. 18-22)

      Jesus then tells Peter cryptically of his fate

     He will die for Jesus by crucifixion, just like Jesus

     And his death will bring glory to God, just like Jesus

      Peter, and the other disciples, are thus shown to be carrying on Jesus’ ministry

      Jesus then gets up and leaves the larger group

     And commands Peter to follow Him

      Living in obedience to Jesus

      When Peter sees the beloved disciple (John) tagging along

     He asks Him what John’s fate will be

     Jesus response is: “YOU focus on following ME!”

      “Don’t worry about what will happen to him.”


So What?

      Jesus is in the business of restoration

     Putting people back on their feet

      He did it for Peter

     He wants to do it for us

      Have you experienced the restoration that Jesus offers?

      Are you following Him in obedience?


Meditation Verse: Ps. 51:12

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Guest Speaker, Vic Elfstrum 4-17-16

April 18th, 2016

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Gospel of John: Shore Lunch

April 11th, 2016

The Gospel of John: Shore Lunch

John 21:1-14

The Fourth Appearance (v. 1-8)

      After the Feast of Unleavened Bread the disciples have returned to Galilee

     Perhaps because of Jesus’ command (see Mark 14:28; 16:7)

      Jesus then reveals Himself to them again

     The emphasis is not just on His appearing

      But on His self-revelation

      7 of the disciples are fishing

     Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, James, John, and 2 others

     This was probably not a return per se to their former lives

      But rather an activity meant to provide food and pass time until Jesus met up with them

     They have been fishing throughout the night to no avail

      As they approach shore in the morning, Jesus is waiting for them

     Though they don’t realize it is Him at first

      He instructs them to cast their nets on the right side of the boat

     Which rewards them with a net-full of fish

      At this John realizes that it is Jesus

     Which sends Peter, half-naked, into the lake

      Swimming 100 yards to shore to meet Him

      Leaving the less experienced disciples to handle the boat


Shore Lunch (v. 9-14)

      When the rest of the disciples get to shore, they find:

     A charcoal fire burning

      Like the one in the courtyard where Peter denied Jesus

     Fish already cooking

      To which Jesus instructs them to add more

      Some see this as an allusion to the building of the Church

     Jesus begins the work, and we add to it

      Though even the other fish come through obedience to Jesus

      When the fish are counted the total 153

     A huge quantity, but the nets remain unbroken

      Possibly an allusion that the Gospel will not fail

      Jesus invites them to eat with Him

     Yet they are somewhat frightened




So What?

      Jesus continued to meet the needs of the disciples

     And still does so for us today

      He calls us to join Him in His work of being fishers of men

     Not in our own strength, but through His power

      Are we fishing with Jesus?!


Meditation Verse: Mark 1:17

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Thomas’ Doubt

April 4th, 2016

The Gospel of John: Thomas' Doubt

John 20:19-29


The Second Appearance (v. 19-23)

      The disciples are gathered behind locked doors

     Probably 10 of the inner circle

      The 12 – Judas Iscariot & Thomas

     Because of their fear of the Jewish authorities

      Who may have sought them ought as Jesus’ followers

      Like the threats to Lazarus (see 12:10)

      Jesus appears in their midst

     Either passing through the door or wall

     Or simply materializing

      He greets them with a standard greeting, “Peace be with you”

     Which has taken on new meaning (see 14:27)

      Thus the repetition in v. 19, 21, & 26

      Jesus proves his identity by showing them His wounds

     Hands, feet, & side* (see Luke 24:39)

     At which the disciples rejoice because they know that it is really their risen Lord

      He then commissions them

     Giving them the power of the Spirit

     And the authority to forgive as His ambassadors


Thomas’ Doubt (v. 24-29)

      Since Thomas was absent at Jesus first encounter with the disciples

     He refuses to believe that Jesus is alive

      Stating that physical proof is necessary for his belief

      The following Sunday* the disciples gather again

     Again behind locked doors

     This time with Thomas

      Jesus appears again

     And offers Thomas the proof he requested

     The same proof that He has offered the others (v. 20)

      Thomas’ response shows his faith

     Jesus is Lord and God*

      Jesus does not condemn Thomas for a lack of initial faith

     But calls those blessed who believe without having to see

      Blessed: Accepted by God


So What?

      Have we had an experience with the Risen Jesus?

     Through faith, not based on sight but rather on trust


Meditation Verse: John 20:29

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